Thursday, February 3, 2011

Everday Joy

I was reading the section about joy in our book, Here and Now. Part 2 where it talks about joy as a choice has stuck with me this week. God is in control of our lives but we have control of finding joy in our lives.

"It might sound strange to say that joy is the result of our choices. We often imagine that some people are luckier than others and that their joy or sorrow depends on the circumstances of their life--over which they have no control."

We have a choice in how we respond to our circumstances. It's my first week of substitute teaching and although I want to teach HS math, I signed up to sub anything and I thought that I would get maybe 1-2 calls this week. Every morning between 5-6:30 my phone has gone off.
Monday: kindergarten/1st grade
Tuesday: 4-6th grade Special Ed
Wednesday: continuation HS
Thursday: Kindergarten
Friday: ? (I'm hoping for some older kids) I'll know in the morning, that is if I get a call at all

God put the challenge on my heart this week to be joyful in every situation. I wanted to be the nicest sub these kids had ever had and shown them the true joy in God that I have in me. I never thought that I would be as tired or had as much fun with the crazy kids God placed in my care every day this week. I even had a kid from the continuation high school tell me I didn't belong there and hoped that I didn't come back. I was shocked.

I love getting that call every morning waiting for it to tell me my assignment because I know that is where God wanted me to be that day. I am finding great joy in waiting on the Lord to put me in the place I am supposed to be that day and making every day different. It's refreshing to not know what my day looks like, where I will be, and who I will be teaching until I get my wake-up call.


  1. Hey Lindsey! I am so stoked for you and this new path that you're on. I remember reading you post about finishing teaching and starting new and now seeing this post it super encouraging to see God working in your life and setting up each day for you! I think it's so awesome what you're doing. God is definitely smiling :) I hope you get that call tomorrow and have a great day!

  2. I like this a lot and am happy to read that you are all over the map. It is freeing indeed, isn't it?

  3. This is really great lindsey. I like how you literally have no idea what your doing that day until you get a call at 5-630 in the am...and you STILL choose to be joyful. its like you have made up your mind to be joyful before the circumstance even comes to your knowledge.

  4. Thsi sounds like such an ideal situation, everyday being an adventure. But most people would not be able to embrace it the way you have. I think the way that you've been able to face each day with joy is a gift and it's evidence of something God is working in you. Yes, you make the decision to be joyful, and then God takes that decision and rewards it with more joy than you could have mustered. That's fruit of the Spirit, sister.

  5. I remember in one of your earlier posts you were expressing the fact that you are so used to a planned out fully booked schedule. And now look at you! Living each day moment to moment, unaware of what each day holds =) Completely different yet able to appreciate and enjoy the moment. This is awesome!

  6. I LOVE that God is giving a daily assignment and handing it to you to run with. This is awesome. God does this to everyone right? I just wish it was obvious where we were suppose to be all the time. Praying for your schedule, may God mix it up with some older kids. Also praying for patience, understanding, and strength!

  7. So great that you can embrace the adventure of the unknown with such joy. I can't say that I would be, especially if it invloved a phone call that early in the morning! :) You never know where God will take you each morning that you have the chance to lead someone to the Lord and spread His love to some children who need it most. Teaching is a true gift.