Sunday, June 19, 2011


Two weeks ago I decided to run the farthest I have ever ran. I got my shoes on, got in the car, and drove to Peter's Canyon. Not only was it the farthest but there are several large hills that I knew I would have to climb. I was ready for the challenge...until I started running. I hadn't even gotten half a mile (out of 6) before I started making compromises with myself. I'll only run the first part, I'll can walk when I get to the top of the hill, on and on and on and on and ON. As I realized that I was arguing with myself constantly, I started thinking about I (we) do this on a day to day basis, especially with God. This was the most challenging thing I had done in a while and all I could come up with were compromises.

I make compromises with God all the time. I wish I could have started this blog out with...Today I decided to run the farthest I have ever ran. But I didn't because I compromised with myself to write it after I took a shower, did my laundry, read blogs, read my fun book, cooked dinner....until it is literally two weeks later. SO embarrassing but true.

I've had a really hard week because I can see how compromises can get in the way of my time with God and they so have gotten in the way. My brother was here visiting from school (with his puppy) and I was dog sitting for my neighbor. I was home on average 30 min a day with work and all the events I had planned with friends and family. I made compromises to spend time doing that instead of staying in the Word and I can see the effects. I was stressed out, irritable with my brother, overeating, and not happy at all. I bummed me out because I have not been like this in a long time but it also shows me how important spending time with God every day makes the day that much better.

These are small examples of compromise in my life without trying to make my blog super long. Look at the compromises in your life...what are you compromising?