Monday, January 24, 2011

Hi Everyone!

My name is Lindsey Kingsland. I'm a little apprehensive with all of this stuff because I have never done anything like this. I am very excited for the journey I am about to embark on with all of you!

I was born and raised in Orange. I am 22 years old and have a brother who is 2 years younger than me. My parents are happily married. My dad works for NJB and referees high school basketball. My mom is a marriage and family therapist and works for a non-profit company called Outreach Concern. My brother is a junior at UC Davis majoring in English and minoring in Psychology and Secondary Education. My parents are both Christians and my brother is an atheist. I grew up and went to school at St. John's Lutheran Church and school near my house in Orange. My parents are both tall, my dad is 6'3" and my mom is 6'2, which makes my brother tall (6'5") and me tall too. I'm 6'0 and the "short" one in the family. Naturally, I am a sports girl. Growing up, I played soccer, softball, basketball, and volleyball.

When I was 12, my dad was diagnosed with stage 3 Melanoma. The doctors told my family that he would not live more than a year. He went through several surgeries and 4 rounds of intensive chemo sessions where he stayed in the hospital for 1 week and then at home for 3 weeks. He is a cancer survivor and as good as ever. He just celebrated his 10 years cancer free, 50th birthday, and my parents 25th wedding anniversary. I think that my dad really started to believe in God because God saved him. During that time, I learned to take care of myself and my brother and have been independent from then on.

At 13, I decided that I was going to play basketball in college so that I didn't have to pay, since that was the only way I was going to go. Since then basketball has been the love of my life.

During middle school I was really involved with church but I started to drift away from God in high school.  I went to El Modena High School and played 3 sports. I played volleyball, basketball, and I threw the shot put and discus. I was Female Athlete of the Year in 2006 and signed with Fordham University on a full ride to play basketball.

Fordham was my time to think I was having fun. I was away from home and got wild. If my coach was not demeaning and made me hate everyday I was there, I probably would still be there. Leaving was the best decision of my life. When I came back, I signed with Concordia University to play basketball. That was the next best decision of my life. I loved being surrounded by other Christians who could support me. At that time, I had a boyfriend who really pushed me to think about who I was as a Christian and what I believed in and stood up for. Although it wasn't a healthy relationship, he strengthen my faith more than anyone else had since I was little. The biggest gift he gave me was the book Captivating, because it changed my life. For over a year, God provided me with 20-30 books to hand out to other women.

I graduated from Concordia this past spring as a Mathematics major (don't worry I'm normal) with emphasis in Secondary Education.  want to make a difference in public high school students. Currently I am student teaching at Canyon High School until this Friday. This is really scary for me because I have no idea what is in store for me after this Friday. I am also coaching the Fresh/Soph Girls basketball at Canyon. I am so excited at how much my girls have improved in the last few months. I only have less than 3 weeks with them too.

I know I haven't told you everything but I hope this is a great start. Please ask questions if you have any. I am really excited to meet everyone and start this journey together as friends.


  1. I have an older brother (Long) who is an atheist (possibly agnostic) as well but also an older a sister and another older brother (Ann & Van) who are Christians (my parents are Catholic).

    How is your relationship with your brother? Sometimes I'll just feel bummed when I see Long knowing that he is intentionally avoiding to know the Lord and not right with God (thankfully he reached the point where he respects Jesus rather than denying Him all together) so I do feel that God is working in him.

    My relationship with Long is good but I feel like as a sister, there's always more that I should do for him to lead him to having a relationship with God.

  2. I think we played you at the Godinez tournament? If so you probably rolled all over us. Harbor doesn't have the strongest girl's basketball program. All the athletes play volleyball.

  3. Hi Lindsey! First off I think the story about your dad is very encouraging! Secondly I think it's interesting that you went to Fordham University. I currently go to UC Irvine, but it was down to either that or Fordham for me. I sometimes think about how different my life would have been if I had moved to New York instead of down here. But I guess if you really didn't like it, it's probably a good thing I didn't go!

  4. for not being a blogger previously ( i think that's what you meant) you are doing a great job!! i'm excited to see what god does in these next 9 months/ next few weeks! what an exciting time for us all to enter you life and yours into ours!!

  5. So happy to hear another testimony of healing with your Dad. I have experience God's divine intervention myself and sometimes its so hard to believe He is really THAT good to us so hearing others being saved by the Lord's healing hands is just so amazing to me. I admire your trust in all this and that you are so willing to jump in and see where God takes you! Its refreshing! Yay for the next 8 months!

  6. At 6'0 you are the "short" one...this made me laugh!! Me at 5'4...I must be considered a midget! lol =) Thanks for sharing your story and Im looking forward to getting to know you more!!

  7. Well, now that Friday is actually here I want you to know that I'm praying for you. You may not know what's next, but as long as you're open to whatever God has you'll know that whatever is next is his plan for you. As next steps and clarity come for you, I hope circles can be a place of support, prayer and guidance.

  8. Wow, what an amazing story of God's perfect saving grace. So great and I look forward to talking more. I have such a heart for non-believers and would love to hear more about the story of your brother and his thoughts about everything that has happened in your life. In time. I actually went to Concordia last semester. I decided to leave but it was definitely an experience that God used in my life to reach out to others and it taught me so much.

  9. CAPTIVATING was sent from God, Himself :) So glad it found its way into your hands.

    Praying for you. Excited to read/hear/see where you are at now that its passed Friday.